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Britax Baby Carrier

June 15, 2015

We have tried many of carriers in our parenting journey and when we came across the Britax Baby Carrier I knew we would need to add this to the list.

The Britax Baby Carrier is special in itself because we are offering a giveaway to one lucky winner!

When we first opened the Britax Baby Carrier I immediately noticed the design which differs from most carriers. Britax has developed a CarryLong System which the company says will reduce the weight of the Bebe evenly across the wearers shoulders, back and hips to reduce strain on the back which is caused by extensive wearing.

When first assembling the Britax Baby Carrier I found it to be a bit confusing whereas most carriers are self explanatory the Britax Baby Carrier has quite a few layers so reading the instruction manual is highly advisable.

The CarryLong System provides an extra padded waist belt and shoulder straps which are obvious as to assembly and where they belong however I have found that adjusting can be a bit tedious and when wearing the Britax Baby Carrier you have to really pull the straps to get them to adjust. One of my complaints is the extra fabric when adjusting to a smaller size. I have noticed that the Britax Baby Carrier has quite a bit of extra fabric and because there is no place to store it, the fabric just hangs down. Britax states to have bands for this fabric though we noticed that competing brands with pockets do much better. This is one thing that would be nice to have added to the Britax Baby Carrier.

The Britax Baby Carrier does accommodate multiple sizes from a waist at 22″ to 56″ for a safe and secure fit no matter the wearer.

Something that confused me at first glance of the Britax Baby Carrier was the infant insert. Normally we are used to inserts being a single piece that is just placed into a carrier; however, Britax does this differently and we by far are not complaining! Having the infant insert automatically included in the Britax Baby Carrier gives ease to baby wearing from the start. The Britax Baby Carrier is suggest for 8lbs to 32 so it is definitely an investment.

When using the infant insert in the Britax Baby Carrier, it is important to note that bebes legs are not to be left out. The infant insert sits above the actual seat leaving a bit of a gap so legs have the ability to remain in fetal position to not injure your newborns joints. Britax includes an option to adjust the leg openings for a secure fit for your Little. The leg loops adjust for smaller bebes from 8-11 pounds. The insert is very important to use during those first months and weeks as it provides a natural feeling of comfort for those smaller bebes.

A nice feature to the Britax Baby Carrier is the material which is 100% cotton -remember, there is an organic option- and completely safe and soft for bebes skin. Included with the Britax Baby Carrier is a cloth which sets over the top of the carrier for any messes from bebe included spit-ups or drool and chewing. The Britax Baby Carrier is machine washable.

Aside from the infant insert which can be removed with a couple loops, when wearing the Britax Baby Carrier it is easy to put on without aided assistance. With one-handed buckles and snaps it is easy to insert and get out your Little safely.

One of the qualities we found great in the Britax Baby Carrier was the easy slip on and slip off along with the ease of inserting bebe. No matter the position, front facing or toward the wearer, the insertion is a breeze!

We believe the Britax Baby Carrier is great for any condition and because of the breathable material temperature is distributed evenly throughout. It is important to keep in mind that when bebe is worn, no matter what the carrier, he will share the body heat with the wearer. When you are warm, so is bebe!

All baby carriers are required to meet certain standards for safety and Britax claims that the Britax Baby Carrier far exceeds these standards.

We have just began use with our Little facing outward as she is 6 months but petite, weighing just over 14pounds. Britax suggest that baby wearing with the newborn insert is advised for up to 14pounds and from there the insert may be removed and inward and outward facing positions may be done. If you decide to wear your Little outward facing while still at the weight required for use with the newborn insert, Britax suggest that Bebe have head control before being placed outward in the Britax Baby Carrier.

Side note, when outward facing we love the added burp cloth to keep the Britax Baby Carrier clean

All-in-all we love the Britax Baby Carrier and feel it is a great option for the newborn bebes whose wearer wants a carrier over a wrap or sling.

The Britax Baby Carrier is available in black or navy for cotton and also has an organic option as well.

The Britax Baby Carrrier can be purchased here, directly from Babys Den


  • Machine washable
  • Organic and cotton options
  • CarryLong System
  • One-hand on-off system
  • Suitable for 8pounds to 32pounds
  • Breathable
  • Comes with infant insert and burp cloth


  • Tedious asembly
  • Does not adjust easily
  • Low storage for excess strap material

Recommended for: we recommend the Britax Baby Carrier for parents who want to wear their newborns but prefer carriers. The Britax Baby Carrier is a great option for multiple baby wearing positions over time. It’s like various carriers in one!


  • Aesthetics
  • Assembly
  • Material
  • Age range
  • Comfort