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Bubi | The Scrunchable Multi-use Bottle

May 12, 2017

As we incorporate more products for parents on Little Gummi, we are looking for things that ultimately make parent-life easier throughout the chaotic journey that turns us in to baby maniacs. We want to introduce you to Bubi, the space saving, scrunchable, reusable bottle that can easily fit in your back pocket and will keep everything dry that your Little one doesn’t get to first!

We love reusable products and often times find it difficult to maintain and achieve that love as parents. Our space is often always compiled of products for our Little ones and that means sacrificing room for ourselves. Because Bubi is so compact and can be clipped to anything this means that our needs don’t have to be set aside when it comes to healthy living. Bubi is composed of medical-grade silicone and keeps things in as well as elements out. You can put virtually anything in the bottle from rice to oatmeal or even water and iced coffee. We clipped ours to our carrier on a hike and filled it with water. While it is great for adult use -and I know I said this is for parents- you can honestly get one for the whole family. They even make Babi Bubi bottles!
What is really nice about Bubi is that it takes up such a little amount of space which truly means that rather in a diaper bag, or a stroller, you can take it anywhere without the hassle of feeling like you’re lugging around a huge plastic bottle.

Bubi was inspired amidst a sea adventure facing 30 foot waves so it’s no wonder this silicone bottle was designed to be so resilient; although, I think the true test is that it can withstand our children who, no matter what can find a loop hole into any product. You’ll be so relieved that even the toughest of your Little critics won’t be able to crack this product. Owner and creator, Craig Madaus says you can even stash your phone and keys in the Bubi safely to prevent any water or element damage from getting in.
Go ahead and see what adventure Bubi will get you through and check out ours below!