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Code & Go Robot Mouse | Learning Resources

April 15, 2017

Code and Go Robot Mouse

In an era of a huge robotic birth, it seems really fitting that we introduce our children to the world of coding and technological exploration. At Little Gummi we really support the advancements of what technology has become and one of the earliest ways you can introduce that to your Little is through the Code & Go Robot Mouse by Learning Resources. This mouse and its track is a great modern day rendition of Classical Conditioning, only in this case it occurs through coding and technology. We promise you will spend more time interacting and playing than thinking!

The Code & Go Robot Mouse is designed as a great introduction for children to the fun world of coding, problem solving through puzzles and programming. The colorful and vibrant mouse makes his way through the maze you create all while teaching your Little the early steps of science. Engineering for children normally doesn’t start at such an early age as what the Code & Go Robot Mouse was created for which we think is a great opportunity to give your child an insight on what engineering truly is and you can do it in a fun way!
Math, technology and engineering all seem to be topics that have held little desire within the younger generations of kids. Historically these subjects have been thought difficult or unexciting. We are really happy that Learning Resources has created the Code & Go Robot Mouse to appeal toward the younger age, showing the versatility of what coding and engineering can be!

The mouse can be easily programmed with push-button controls to follow the maze you created and find the ‘cheese’. There are two speeds which are great for either the table or floor and the mouse features various sounds and lights that make learning fun.

Code and Go Robot Mouse

One of the goals with the Code & Go Robot Mouse was to help students, specifically, experience STEM through hands-on activities -such as coding the mouse and watching it go- all while prompting critical and creative thinking. We love that this fun toy can promote problem solving skills without your child feeling like it is another difficult piece of home work!

Dad Says:

The Code & Go Robot is a great learning tool to practice counting, math, and design. We had a blast designing and setting up the maze. After we designed the maze, Jensen and I used the cue cards to help memorize the code needed to program the directions in the mouse. After the directions are programmed, it’s so exciting to see the mouse run it’s course. This is definitely an advanced level toy because it requires critical thinking and strategic planning. Jensen wanted to play with cards or set up the walls and didn’t understand the concept of the toy, which is to build a maze, use the directional cards to help memorize  the directions to program into the mouse, program the mouse, and finally watch the mouse run it’s course and hope it doesn’t crash into a wall! Regardless, Jensen and I still had fun playing.

Code & Go Robot Mouse

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