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Cozy Blanket Pouch by Revelae | Comfort With Ease

April 28, 2017

The stress of having a newborn can be overwhelming, finding products that work shouldn’t be. Little Gummi is excited to show you the cozy Blanket Pouch by Revelae which is designed to comfort and warm your newborn all the way up to nine months!

The Cozy Blanket Pouch is soft to the touch with a cosy polyester material. While I usually opt for actual suits or sacks, dad really liked the Pouch and the versatility it provided. It can be pulled up to the armpit level or pulled down toward the waist depending on type of closure you want between your Little and their Pouch.

A great feature about the Cozy Blanket Pouch is that, unlike traditional sleeping sacks or suits, it creates an easy outlet for changing those dreadful midnight newborn nappies. We love the ease of being able to get the dirty work out of the way without compromising the babes much needed sleep. Because there are no zippers or snaps and the Cozy Blanket Pouch simply pulls up and down, getting Baby into it is virtually hassle free.

The opening of the Pouch is a stretchy, elastic band that comes in two sizes, 0-3 months and 6-9 months. Our son is newly 6 months and 97th percentile but the 6-9 month size, no matter how far or low it is pulled up, seems to be just a bit bigger in the waistband than I’d hope for. Regardless of a little looser fit, Miller seems to take really well to the Cozy Blanket Pouch and we accomplished our goal of changing the night time diaper without disturbing him!

All-in-all, this reasonably price sleep Pouch is a great idea. While I wouldn’t recommend it for too young of baby, it could be a perfect addition to those hot summer nights when your Little needs just a blanket for comfort.

Cozy Blanket Pouch

  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use