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Duo Diary | A Wellness Journal for Baby and Momma

May 4, 2017


Duo DiaryHow many times have you gone to your well checks and the pedi asks “How many wet nappies? How long does baby feed? Does baby do her nights yet?” If you answer “uhhh” like we do, then Duo Diary is for you! This wellness journal designed for caregiver and baby makes the daily routines so much easier especially when you really want to pass the quiz from your Littles pediatrician.

Duo Diary was designed to help the new and seasoned momma and her Little. Created by a new mother who realized the importance of keeping up with your vessel while you keep up with your baby, Duo Diary was born.
Let’s be honest, we don’t sleep when baby does and if you’re like me, even the thought of taking a breather just doesn’t seem logical especially with everything on the to-do list. Even though ‘take a nap’ might need to be at the top of that list, it not often is. Because Duo Diary has a page also for mommas (or caregiver) it’s a good way to see just exactly how much sleep you’re getting and maybe put in to perspective why scrolling Instagram isn’t as important as a rest.

Duo Diary

As a nursing momma I am frequently stumped on exactly how much I am actually feeding my son. While I may not ever know the exact amount he gets, with this diary I can easily keep track of and record the time he feeds on each breast which can help identify patterns and exact needs.
Don’t worry, if you bottle feed, the ounces can also be easily marked and notated to share with providers and pediatricians.

This simple, easy to use diary ensures momma is healthy right alongside baby. Shop below to see for yourself why the Duo Diary is a Little Gummi must-have for parents.

Little Gummi

Duo Diary

This post was sponsored and made possible by Duo Diary . All statements remain my own.