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ErgoBaby 4 Position 360 Carrier 

October 13, 2016

Ergobaby 360 Four position baby carrier for little gummi

Amongst the variety of carriers we have tried, we had a higher expectation for the ErgoBaby line because of its reputation. We discovered ErgoBaby at Mommy Con in Chicago this past month and knew we wanted to review the ErgoBaby 4 Position 360 Carrier for our viewers.

I can honestly say the ErgoBaby 360 carrier is much different than others on the market as it is a 4-in-1 carrier, meaning bebe can be front facing and toward the wearer or away from the wearer, the ErgoBaby 360 carrier also allows the bebe to be worn on the hip, as well as the back of course. I’ve seen little to no carriers that allow a hip carry. Take note we do have a very tiny Little so we cannot do neither hip or back carries but when we do I will be sure to update and inform on the ease and usage.
One thing I noticed from the very first time wearing our ErgoBaby 360 carrier was

the ease of wearing it. It wasn’t as difficult as some carriers but my only complaint would be that one of the buckles is in the back between the shoulder blades and it is quite tedious trying to buckle it alone. I’ve had to ask my fiancé for help multiple times.
The only other complaint I have is adjusting the ErgoBaby 360 carrier once my Little is in it. The manual makes this look much simpler then it is. For those unfamiliar with the ErgoBaby 360 carrier, there are two adjusting straps on the side, in addition to the buckle mid back.
As far as aesthetics, we are a black wearing family- ever heard that quote »Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication« ? We like this for carriers as well, ha. Anyway, not a multitude of colors or prints but it works for us, and who doesn’t want to focus on the bebe instead? ;D
The carrier wraps around the bottom of the wearer, generally above the hips, slightly I’d say but this depends on how high you wear your bebe, with that said I don’t think the velcro is of utmost appeal, I’d likely include this in aesthetics, but also it’s weird to wrap around yourself.
I’d say this is highly durable but that might depend on material and spit up, anyone? We don’t have any issues or complaints though.
This brings me to material, which is why I give this a high rating because ErgoBaby loves that organic cotton and we love them for that. We purchased the ErgoBaby 360 carrier without the insert and we kicked ourself for it because our 12 pounder was still a little bit too teeny. We did buy the ErgoBaby Infant Insert separately though, and quite glad we did because we snagged it in organic cotton and who new there was a company that actually made pretty colored carriers that were organic? We were pleased. As for the insert, the ErgoBaby 360-and their other carriers-go from about 4mo (depending on your Little’s size) up to toddlerhood so the infant insert is a must and can be interchangeable between all their products from what I have seen.
Aside from age though, the ErgoBaby 360 carrier is comfortable no matter what your Little’s size is if used correctly.

You can purchase your ErgoBaby 4 position 360 carrier here


  • Organic material option
  • 4-position
  • infant insert
  • adjustable straps
  • easy to put on with baby in hand
  • droll bib available for purchase
  • used from infant to toddle


ErgoBaby 4 Position 360 Carrier
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Assembly
  • Material
  • Age range
  • Comfort


• Correct Baby Ergonomics Babies will always be in an ergonomic frog-leg, seated position with knees even to or above hips, and spine in curved "C" position
• Maximum parent comfort (from petite moms to dads)
• Versatility with four wearing positions
• Baby weight range: 7- 33lbs (newborn with infant insert)
• Correct Baby Ergonomics Babies will always be in an ergonomic frog-leg
• Machine washable

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