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Featured Brand: Charlie Banana All New Nappies

April 20, 2017

Charlie Banana

We choose cloth diapering for many reasons; it’s better for the environment, safer for new bums, no harsh chemicals and of course their amazing capabilities to get us through the nastiest of jobs. Charlie Banana is giving us even more reasons to love cloth with their brand new nappies. The eco-friendly brand launched with a mission to change the way parents feel about using disposables with a goal that 50% of parents will eventually switch to cloth and we stand right behind them at Little Gummi.

We have been fans of Charlie Banana since we started our cloth journey wth the birth of our daughter. 2 years later, we are still going strong not only with our daughter but also our son! The new Charlie Banana Hybrid All-in-one, one size nappy is still the same in that it comes with a shell, two inserts and a front load pocket however they have newly incorporated a more absorbent insert. We use both inserts in the pocket and have noticed they soak up about the same as if they are used outside the pocket however when we use them inside the front load pocket with our son, he has more side leaks (see below on how to effectively prevent this). We love that this is a variable option and it truly can be customized to the child, such as our case.

Charlie Banana Charlie Banana

While these are labeled as All-In-One on their site, they are also considered as 2-in-one, in that a disposable liner can also be placed on the top, tucked under the front flap to be used as a 2-in-one. I actually really love this option because as our daughter has gotten older and began her potty training transition, the messes are a bit nastier. Being able to use a liner to get solids separate from wet nappies is really amazing. Charlie Banana also makes a bamboo liner that is also flushable! We usually opt for this because of the soft yet resilient material.

As for the leaks go, this can be easily managed with Charlie Banana’s unique bra-strap system that is conveniently marked in ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ to simplify adjusting the leg width band per child or as your Little grows. This ensures longevity of using Charlie Banana nappies but also ensures minimal to no leakage.

Charlie BananaCharlie BananaCharlie Banana

Charlie Banana The snaps make it really easy to fit the diaper on a smaller baby all the way to a toddler.

What’s changed?

The  insert can now be placed on top of the actual nappy and in my opinion is quite more absorbent than the previous model. When using the insert on the top, there is a small opening in which it can be tucked under to ensure minimal movement.

Charlie Banana

Also a notable change is the design of the fleece insert. In previous Charlie Banana nappies, the insert was a ribbed sort of fabric and the top of the new insert is ‘divided’ if you will, into three sections which I actually prefer much more. The fabric is also much softer.

Charlie Banana

We love these one-size nappies and their ability to fit perfectly on our 7 month old and our 2 year old alike.Charlie Banana



Charlie BananaCharlie Banana