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GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Review

April 11, 2015


GroVia Hybrid cloth diapers is a favorite for dad. Possibly the favorite out of every cloth diaper we have used. We didn’t use GroVia for the longest time but once our girl hit 12 pounds we have been obsessed ever since. I personally think out of all the cloth diaper brands, GroVia is the least expensive and seems to be the most organic. Of course you’re going green when choosing to do cloth anyway, but with their hybrid shells and 100% organic cloth inserts there’s nothing better.

As for absorbency, the GroVia cloth liners are so amazing. Our Little is a champ at leaking out of her diapers and this never seems to be as much of an issue with GroVia as it has other cloth diapering brands. Whatever GroVia does to ensure no leakage, they are doing amazing!

I love how you have the ability with GroVia to remove an insert if the shell isn’t soiled or wet and just pop another insert in. Voilà, the change is complete. They truly are amazing. When purchasing, the inserts come in a two pack! As for fit, all of the GroVia shells are adjustable with three points and what is even better is that the some of the closings are velcro. I really love cloths that have velcro closures as opposed to snaps because it really is custom to your own bebe and their size.

The material of the GroVia shells are waterproof and they definitely stand true to this.
I’d like to note that the shells are so breathable it’s crazy.
I’ve heard mixed thoughts on the GroVia shells and their colors but I love them. We use the grey shells just because it’s gender neutral but I think the vibrant purple is gorgeous. Aesthetically lovely and very earthy shells.

If you are a disposable user during travel, GroVia also makes disposable BioSoaker pads
If you prefer one step diapers, try the GroVia All In One Diapers just know these are snaps, not velcro


• Organic Cotton
• Velcro and snap options
• Biosoaker pads and inserts available
• Cost effective

• Low variety of colors and prints

Recommended for: 

We recommend GroVia Hybrid cloth diapers for parents who want that cloth diapering feel but with an interchangeable shell. The GroVia Hybrids are great for swapping inserts quick and effectively and if you like the option for disposable inserts, GroVia offers a biosoaker pad that can be placed in replace of the cloth insert. Perfect for frequent travelers! We suggest Gro Via Hybrid diapers for the eco parents, as they are one of the more organic brands.

You can purchase your GroVia diapers here in AIO, Hybrid and newborn


  • Absorbency
  • Material
  • Fit
  • User friendly
  • Organic
  • Affordability
  • Aesthetics
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