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Inglesina Net Stroller

June 4, 2015

Inglesina Net Stroller side view
We have been test driving the Inglesina Net Stroller for about a month now and we are just absolutely smitten by it and sad to see it leave our home.

For an umbrella stroller, Inglesina really hit the ball out of the park with the Inglesina Net Stroller. We received the black and white colored material and one thing I noticed when first opening the box was the breathable mesh backing on the stroller seat.
We knew the Inglesina Net Stroller would be a hit!

When I think about umbrella strollers I immediately picture baseball games and trips to the zoo and sometimes the regular strollers can cause the blazing sun to feel even hotter on your Littles skin. What stands out between the Inglesina Net Stroller and competing strollers is that light material ensuring wherever you take your Little, comfort is there.

I have seen quite a bit of umbrella strollers with scratchy and rough material whereas the Inglesina Net Stroller has an entire mesh base seat and a removable seat pad made of a high quality breathable material which is optional but we found for those younger Littles it is probably best to use.

We have not used the Inglesina Net Stroller without the removable seat pad but we find the seat pad along with the mesh to be very easily cleaned. Our Little loves biscuits and also loves making a mess of them. All sticky messes have cleaned very well with just soap and water.

Inglesina Net Stroller with backing
The seat pad is lightweight but very comfortable due to the soft material and our Little has no issue sitting for long durations (trust us, we put it to the test at a baseball game).
We think the Net is a perfect name for this stroller as the seat has almost a hammock like feel-without the bunching of a real hammock of course- and there are no metal poles in the backing, but don’t worry, completely safe

The construction of the Inglesina Net Stroller is much different than generic umbrella strollers from the breathable seating to the sturdy but foldable umbrella with SPF UV 50 protection all the way to the self standing folding position.

Inglesina Net Stoller side
Plus, a strap for carry.

For an umbrella stroller there is plenty of seat room not only for a 5m old but an older bebe as well.
Given that we did have a smaller bebe in the Net, because head control is still not as developed as an older child when our Little got sleepy we had no issue discreetly reclining the seat back. What stands the Inglesina Net Stroller out from others in the reclining aspect is the zipper recline.

Inglesina Net Stoller in reclined position

Reclined Position

Inglesina Net Stoller in active position

Active Position

Active position
It does not lay back too far but rather just enough and does so quite easily. We had no concern letting our 4/5m old nap in her Net while we were out-and-about.

The straps are so easily adjusted for any size by simply pulling them out of their holes on the seat and then from behind placing them in an appropriate sized height.

Inglesina Net Stroller of front position
We can’t tell you enough how amazing the Inglesina Net Stroller is!
Our Little, being at that curious stage loves being in the Inglesina Net Stroller. With the perfect contrast in the black white stroller option, she just stares at it.

Inglesina Net Stroller in front facing position
The Inglesina Net Stroller also comes in five different color swatches. We did choose the black and white for simplicity but each option is just as nice.

We have a 5m old and when we first began using the Inglesina Net Stroller she was 4m olds and fit perfectly. The suggested age range for the Net Stroller starts at 3 months to 55lbs; however, I’d advise waiting until your bebe can hold his head up fairly well though.

One of our concerns was the storage in the Inglisina Net. Granted most umbrella strollers are for those older kiddos, it is okay to use for the smaller bebe’s as well. Because of this, having a Little requires diaper bags and other things so storage was a concern for us as we managed to barely fit our bag in there but for the older bebes who require less maintance, there is no issue with storing a couple snacks or shoes.

Inglesina Net Stroller side view
The storage is about the length of the stroller.

An interesting feature on the Inglesina Net is the ability to self-stand. This comes particularly handy in storage. Something that has been important to us throughout the stroller journey is being able to stand alone. We feel this is a great feature!

Inglesina Net Stoller folded up and staring position
Due to the lightweight advantages of the Inglesina Net Stroller, this is easily carrier with the provided strap. Umbrella strollers aren’t savvy for terrains so this is a great option; however, I must note we have taken our Net on walks over sometime bumpy gravel and cracks and the turn radius prevented any tips or toppling. We have seen that issue occur in various umbrella strollers and can confidently say the Inglesina Net does not easily tip on walks or grassy areas.

Speaking of wheels, we think the Inglesina Net has one of the best turn radius that a stroller of its kind could provide but I’m not a fan of brakes on each wheel. Due to the structure and qualities of the Inglisina Net we see why this is needed but it can make things a bit tedious when trying to find the wheel with the brake!

The set up of the Inglesina Net is just as easy as the let down. One issue I have noticed is sticking when trying to set it up but this is not too frequent or a hassle.

All in all, we love the Inglesina Net Stroller and despite some of the inconveniences we have because of extras needed for a Little, the Net still accommodates us perfectly and with ease.

Take note that if you do plan on using a drink in the cup holder-of course- it does not take well to heavier volumes. A sippy would fit best.

Top of Inglesina Net Stroller
The detachable cup holder and umbrella. 

Also remember, the Inglesina Net Stroller does fold down with the umbrella attached.

We had a great run! The Inglesina Net Stroller is on our list for a must have in 2015!

You can purchase your own Inglesina Net Stroller from Babys Den, here

Recommended for: We recommend the Inglesina Net Stroller for those families who want their Little to see the world without compromising space. With many of the same qualities as a regular stroller such as a UV sun shade, two-position recline, cup holders and storage the Inglisina Net also offers self-standing, mesh seating for a breathable experience and a lightweight frame.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Cup holder
  • Optimal space saving
  • UV protection sunshade
  • Self-standing
  • Reclining


  • Cup holder tips a bit and will not hold heavy volumes
  • Small storage
  • Sometimes difficulty when unfolding
  • Multiple brakes
  • Terrain
  • Compact
  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Turn radius
  • Aesthetics