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Miracle Sleeper by Miracle Ware

June 2, 2017

Miracle Sleeper

At Little Gummi we are huge fans of sleep suits and sacks so we of course had to add the Miracle Sleeper from Miracle Ware to our collection. This awesome sleeper makes the transition from swaddle to sleeper so much easier especially when you have routine adjusted babes such as our little ones.

The Miracle Sleeper is lightweight yet durable enough to take the place of a blanket and comes in a multitude of sweet prints and colors.

We co-slept for a while between about 3 months and 8 months because it was easier on me as an exclusive nurser so when we transitioned from co-sleeping to a crib one of my main concerns was Miller being warm but not using a blanket. I knew that just night clothes would not cut it yet a blanket did not make me feel secure in his sleeping routine so we opted for the Miracle Sleeper and not only has it become a favorite in our house but also on Little Gummi as well!

The Miracle Sleeper is available in sizes small, medium, and large. It is spacious enough to use for months on end and features a zip closure which makes getting baby in and out super easy! Trust us, we know the difficulties of bartering with a sleepy and cranky child. The quicker to bed, the happier we all are. One of my favorite features is the dual zipper on the bottom that allows for a quick unzip for that night time nappy change without waking up the babe!

Miracle Sleeper Miracle Sleeper Miracle Sleeper Miracle Sleeper

Miracle Sleeper

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