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Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat

November 30, 2016

The Nuna Pipa Infant car seat is one of the sleekest seats on the market, with a Dream Drape, practically dummy proof installation and being one of the lightest seats out there, it’s no wonder that the Nuna Pipa is becoming a must-have for parents.

Whenever I am reviewing carsests, one of the most important things for me is the installation process. I look for ease, safety and security. The Nuna Pipa has what they dub as a 5second installation and while this may be true, I regretfully have to say I’m not a fan.

When installed the base on the Nuna Pipa moves up and down because rather than having a way to adjust the base to mold with your cars seat, the LATCH system is just two rigid arms that pop right in. There are no knobs to turn or belts to tighten like other LATCH systems. While the Nuna Pipa does have a stability leg that is intended to minimize any force that could reach Baby from an accident, I did not personally find this of much help. If I went over a bump, because the true lock LATCH system doesn’t offer tightening of any sort, this in relation caused the base of the Nuna Pipa to move up and down thus causing the stability leg to constantly move. In return, that would change the levels of the base and how it was sitting.

The base does have a pop-out little stand you could say that is intended to recline the seat back to fit various seats. For instance, we have some what of a bucket seat in our SUV and when we pulled this little stand out of the base near the LATCH it had great intentions but did nothing because of the initial issue on the Nuna Pipa; the rigid LATCH which cannot be moved.

Note that you can purchase something to make installation easier which helps guide the latches but I feel that this should really come inclusive.

The Nuna Pipa is a beautiful car seat with amazing design features and while I dreamed of installing it in my car and looking back at my newborn through the unique peek-a-boo window, I never got too.

Aside from the peek-a-boo window is another sleek feature that I love on the Nuna Pipa called the Dream Drape, pictured in the above photo which is one of my favorite aspects of the seat.

The only concern I had, initially was what if the magnets that hold the drape down don’t hold up and it falls in my babies face?

My fear came true. I had turned around only to find that the fabric was covering my babies face and I quickly decided against further use. While the idea is amazing and looks great, I feel a better suited mechanism for the shade to stay would be something aside from magnets. Perhaps a snap or clip. I will say, however that the shade did a really good job of blacking out light for sleep.

Moving onward, the fabric is one of the softest I have yet to feel. Finding an infant seat that provides comfort can be seaminglt difficult and the Nuna Pipa nailed it. This seat feels like a cloud and the contrasting  infant insert feels equally amazing.

You can purchase your Nuna Pipa and Base from our friends at The Baby’s Den here

• 5 second installation
• plush fabric
• Very lightweight, yet durable
• infant insert for the tiniest babes
• Dream Drape
• peek-a-boo window
• stability leg on base

• Base cannot be adjusted
• Base moves when going over bumps thus causing stability leg to move
• can be tedious to remove base
• Dream Drape may fall over baby’s face if comes undone

Recommended for: We recommend the Nuna Pipa for parents that want the ease of installation without compromising quality. While this is not a product I whole heartedly believe in, if you have the right vehicle and it fits well, the Nuna Pipa can be very successful.

You can find everything you need to make the Nuna Pipa yours at our friends over at Babys Den. Link above!

Specs: (from Nuna Pipa website)
recommended use: 4 to 32 lbs, and up to 32 in.
product: h 26.1 x w 17.5 x l 25.2 in.
product weight: 7.9 lbs, with base 21.9 lbs (weight does not include canopy or insert)

  • Installation
  • Aesthetics
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Ease of use