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April 25, 2017


People Toy CompanyWe have all heard about a baby’s first food being rice cereal, but what about their first toy?! People Toy Company is new to the States and a hit at Little Gummi with their rice made baby and children toys. People Toy Company uses a Japanese rice cake, Mochi, for an extensive line of toys and we got the chance to test some out. These 51% Mochi toys are close to nature and perfect for nurturing.

As our son began exploring his oral development stage, it was really great knowing that People Toy Company could provide 100% safe products that not just promoted oral growth but also helped it. It seems our children are late bloomers in the teeth department which I definitely won’t complain about but as a 7 month old, Miller is very aware that something is going on in his mouth that is quite uncomfortable. The Mochi line, in specifically the Mochi Trumpet, are so great in providing an extra ease of teething which is always a bonus for parents!

The grooves on the handle are perfect for little hands to grab and little mouths to teeth, alleviating uncomfortable side affects of teething.

People Toy Company

People Toy Company People Toy Company

The Mochi Trumpet is intended for use as early as 3 months which may seem impossible at first; however, it is designed in that a ‘trumpet’ will sound when breathing in or out into the mouthpiece. This isn’t something that a 3 month old will know how to do but sounding the trumpet is achieved by not blowing as you would traditionally but more so activated when a suckling motion is replicated as would occur on a teether. Miller had no issue discovering how to do this and laughed endlessly with each ‘blow’.

Part of the developmental promotion of the Mochi Trumpet from People Toy Company is allowing your Little to discover repetition through play which expands and enhances cognitive growth. Eventually, as Miller did, your baby will learn where to blow and that by doing so it will activate a sound and it is just too sweet watching that take place!

People Toy Company

We love the Mochi Trumpet from People Toy Company and think it is a great addition for every household. Shop the trumpet above directly from People Toy Company and fall in love with the trumpet just as much as we did.