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Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling

June 1, 2016


Sakura Bloom is one of the best slings I have tried. The brand offers many types, colors and variations with each differing from another. These hand made slings are just perfection.

This is a one piece but has two rings for adjusting. When first using a ring sling, it can be a bit tedious to catch on but Sakura Bloom creates such ease in learning along with a complete instruction booklet. From the moment you open your Sakura Bloom box you’ll wonder where it has been throughout your entire baby wearing journey.

We purchased the Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling which by default is linen. This material is highly breathable so neither Bebe or mama/ papa get too warm. By nature it is lightweight causing for immense comfort if worn right. I’ve noticed that on few occasions if I have not adjusted correctly I feel the rings on my shoulders but this is an easy fix. In terms of assembly, the Sakura Bloom comes assembled you simply just adjust to your size by pulling the material horizontal.

The correct technique is with the rings on your shoulders and after inserting Bebe they should fall to an appropriate position. From there they can be adjusted.

I gave the assembly a 4.1 because while it is so easy, it can be just a tad frustrating when first using. I’d suggest when receiving the Sakura Bloom to leave it as is until needing to wash it or take time in learning fully the details of assembly.

My Little Bebe loves being in this sling, she never fusses or cries, she has the ability to look around, eat, or nap.

This is one of the slings that I highly recommend for feeding. If you breastfeed it can be done so discreetly but this is also true for bottle feeding as I have seen many mamas nurse (as myself) or bottle feed in this sling. A cool feature for nursing is the extra material that hangs from the sling. I’ve often caught myself more times than one using the fabric to cover myself while I nurse.

After a nursing session 
The Sakura Bloom is stated to be useable for newborns all the way up to toddler but I’d say that would depend on weight. I’ve had no problem wearing my Little though.


 Baby acrobatics 

The Sakura Bloom slings come in various materials and colors. We have the Classic but plan on purchasing quite a few more.


  • Soft material
  • Multiple carry options
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fits virtually any size
  • Various colors and fabrics


  • Tricky assembly
  • Wrinkles easy

Recommended for: we recommend the Sakura Bloom for any parent who is interested in a quick and easy Bebe wearing option without the hassle of buckles and snaps. We also think the Sakura Bloom is a great option for breast feeding mamas who want a discreet feed anywhere and everywhere.

You can purchase your own Sakura Bloom Sling here


Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Assembly
  • Material
  • Age range
  • Comfort



• Crafted from a single layer of Belgian linen.
• Adjustable, one size fits most adults.
• Carry your baby from newborn-35lbs.

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