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Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Review

April 11, 2015

Sloomb cloth diapers made from hemp and or wool for little gummi

I’m going to start off saying Sloomb is my all time favourite cloth diaper as far as legitimacy goes. Sloombs are as close to original as it gets. We love their hemp, organic cotton and wool blends and because of this material the Sloomb diapers seem to clean better but also become softer after every wash. Sloomb seems to be one of the softer diapers we have put on our bebe and even the wool blend is good for new skin.

My only complaint so far is that

a cover is absolutely necessary for Sloomb when your little gets larger. I say complaint because I wish they were a bit cheaper. Sloomb diapers and covers are not on the cheap side but they are an investment and with that said, you get what you pay for.
As for absorbency, when your Little reaches about 10-12 pounds that’s when the cover is a must.
One thing I would like different is if the covers were used like a shell is on other cloths. Sloomb diapers are usually three pieces excluding the wool cover (wooly) so there is the outer cloth cover which is what holds the inserts and then a flap that snaps to the outer cloth and one more piece that is like a pad, it’s optional but we put ours in-between the flaps. After all of the you would assume there is enough absorbency to withhold wet and dirty diapers but when your Little gets larger and urinates more, it soaks right through and we discovered this the hard way. After all of these covers, you are left with a cute cloth baby bum that no pants fit over.
I’d like to talk about the fit of Sloomb, make sure you know exactly what size to get because your Little WILL leak if the cloth is too big. Size is everything. We made the mistake of getting a size too large and we had to wait to use our Sloombs.

As for user friendliness, I personally think the Sloomb diapers are great but dad seems to have a problem getting the hang of it. We have the snaps and the snap-less, which do require a diaper pin and as many times as I tell him it’s not going to hurt her, he won’t use the snap-less Sloombs. I love the diaper pins. How cute?

Sloombs are my favorite cloths so far and not to mention the amazing smell of the Sloomb diapers when you receive them. Mmm…

Sloomb has a whole line of products for your cloth diapering journey where you can get your snap less, woolies, overnights, pre-folds, detergent and so much more!
Sloomb cloth diapers made from hemp and or wool for little gummi


• Organic
• Variety of cloth diapering options
• Great fit
• Soft material


• Diaper cover required
• Expensive

Recommended For:
We recommend Sloomb for parents who want the authentic cloth diapering feel with a modern aesthetic. With the pre-folds, snap less and snap closures, Sloombs are perfect for any family with a base wooly in hand. The Sloomb line does require a bit more but provides a real and organic feel in cloth diapering. Sloomb are one of the best for the organic families as they are hemp, bamboo, wool and organic cotton.


Purchase your Sloomb diapers here


  • Absorbency
  • Material
  • Fit
  • User friendly
  • Organic
  • Affordability
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