Stokke Scoot Stroller

May 28, 2015

Our stroller frenzy continued with the Stokke Scoot and I am certain we love strollers as much as baby carriers and cloth diapers.

The Stokke Scoot was the second stroller we had purchased and as Stokke enthusiast as we self-proclaim, we knew the brand would be great from highchairs to strollers.

Dad and I have different visions on stroller necessities. He likes shocks and all-terrain and I like the more modern, sleek look. We both agree the more compact the stroller the better it is for both storage when not in use and trunk space saving purposes.

As for the sleek, compact and lightweight qualities, the Stokke Scoot possesses all three. Something we were both initially attracted to was the design. Given the small frame the seat is not too bulky but plentiful in size for any bebe. With a five  point harness and various adjustment options the Stokke Scoot can comfortably fit a Little as young as 3months. We tried!

As for the seat design, the oval shape offers three reclines however we find only two to be truthfully useful. Stokke calls these the Active, Rest and Sleep positions. All the positions can be obtained by a simple buckle on each side of the seat. We find that this is innovative yet at times flawed because of having to hold the seat so that one side is not crooked while trying to unbuckle the other side and then in opposition, when changing the seat from Sleep to Active lifting it and holding it must be done so that buckling can be achieved.

I love the aesthetics on the Stokke Scoot seat but my only complaint is when the seat is in Sleep mode it looks a bit odd to me. Dad loves it but I’m certainly on the edge. However this does not concern me enough to take many points off.

The material is soft enough for the youngest baby and if using for a newborn there is an insert Stokke makes for the specifically the Stokke Scoot called a soft bag. We have not personally used that as we started our Stokke Scoot run around 4months loosely. The material of the Stokke Scoot soft bag is just as it sounds; soft. Made of high quality textiles designed for appropriate air circulation in any weather, no matter what condition your newborn will be comfortable. The suggested use is up to 6months and with our now six month old we never opted for it. The soft bag has an adjustable head opening stated for use in windy conditions as well as warmer weather. The bottom section where the feet would sit is sturdy while the top remains soft and cozy all while ensuring a sturdy and secure feeling.

When not in use, the Stokke Scoot soft bag can be flattened and stored with ease. Currently if purchasing a Stokke Scoot from Stokke the soft bag is free.

As for using the Stokke Scoot sans the soft bag, the material of the seat is just as comfortable in a soft high quality breathable fabric. Included on the seat are harness protectors which are long covering most of the strap. We find this useful for bebe however difficult when it comes to adjusting the straps. We are still on the lowest of positions for our harness because our 6month old is skinny in nature. The straps can be removed from the harness protectors though it is tedious when removing and placing back on.


The seat has the attachment for an included SPF 50 sunshade though what stands out on the Stokke Scoot is the oversized design giving baby all around protection. One issue we have found with our Stokke Scoot sunshade is keeping it connected when pulling the shade all the way done. It fits in each side of the seat easily and though bebe cannot pull it out it does remain tricky.

A nice attachment option for the Stokke Scoot is the ability for an umbrella which again is applied directly onto the seat.

The seat on the Stokke Scoot can be placed facing the parent or away from. However when folding the Stokke Scoot down, the seat needs to be facing the parent.

Because we often have had our Little facing us this has never been an issue though she loves seeing the world having to remove the seat when folding or simply changing the seat around can potentially be tedious. All in all, opening the Stokke Seat and letting it down has been one of the easier processes compared to other strollers we have reviewed. The Stokke Scoot is light in weight when folded and can be carried easily with one hand.


A great quality we feel the Stokke Scoot has aside from aesthetic and manueverbility is the level in which the seat sets. This is a modern and urban lifestyle stroller and for our personal use, one that travels the city. We have often used our Stokke Scoot as a seat in restaurants for our Little and the frame and seat are designed for the perfect heights to do so.

The frame of the Stokke Scoot is equally amazing offering a multi-position push handle in the 2015 Stokke Scoot and a height adjusting handle bar on the 2014 Stokke Scoot. Another adjustment feature provided is the foot rest ensuring comfort for your Little no matter their height.


Something I would like to point out on the Stokke Scoot are the wheels. Made of rubber though essentially puncture resistant, these wheels do not have shocks but are great for city terrain and walks in the park.

Out of the various strollers we have tried and received, for a stroller that is not known particularly for the turn radius, we find that the Stokke Scoot has one of the best turn radius which gives easy maneuvering in subway cars or curvy sidewalks.

We do not use a Stokke diaper bag with our Stokke Scoot but we find that storage is still not an issue as the bottom storage contains enough room for a diaper bag and some extras.

We have had a lot of fun with our Stokke Scoot stroller and hope you all do to! All in all this is one of our favorite strollers. The only downfall I actively notice is the wiggly cup holder and no option for a parent tray.

You can purchase the Stokke Scoot in an array of colours from Babys Den

Included with the Stokke Scoot is the mosquito net and rain cover. The Stokke Scoot is most favorably pairs with the Nuna Pipa and adapters are available.


• Compact and light weight
• Forward and rear facing
• Adjustable handle bar and foot rest
• Three seat position
• Mediocre storage
• Multiple accessory options


• Wiggly cup holder
• Unstable sunshade and umbrella connections

Recommend for: We recommend the Stokke Scoot for the modern family and bebe who take advantage of those city walks and strolls in the park. With a great turn radius and compact design the Stokke Scoot fits perfect in a Subway or a trunk!


  • Terrain
  • Compact
  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Turn radius
  • Aesthetics