SoapSox | Bath Time Plush for the Anxious Bather

February 23, 2017

This sweet little Hippo by SoapSox is one of the most clever bathtime designs we have come across. Our daughter is the typical anti-bather and anti-washer as far as the 2yo criteria goes and as fate may have it, under no circumstance shall her hair be washed…until the SoapSox came along. 

we have always struggled trying to convince Jensen that her hair is perfectly okay getting a wash, we even switched shampoos thinking that might help and had no such luck. The idea of offering cleanliness might as well of been equivalent to impending doom up until this small little hippo arrived. She has taken such a liking to it that we travel, sleep and eat with it between bathtime. The way it works is by stuffing the opening with a bar of soap (or liquid soap) add a little water and the rest is suds (anyone?). 

SoapSox has improved bathtime miraculously with this creative yet sneakily designed “toy” and we couldn’t be happier. She is so caught up in the fact that a plush is in her tub she doesn’t even notice her hair getting wet and who could when you have something as fun as SoapSox?

You can purchase your very own plush wash cloth by SoapSox here in an array of characters