Behind the Brand: Charlie Banana

June 24, 2015

We discovered Charlie Banana when we were looking for a cloth diapering brand to use for our unborn daughter, who is now 8 months old. Little did we know, Charlie Banana was a brand that not only gave to our family through safe and secure diapering needs, but also gave to various others in an entirely different way.

Sitting here, writing this right now gives me chills. It is far and few between to find a brand that cares as much about giving back as they do their own business.

When you use a brand day and night, one of the most important things is to know exactly what the brand is and who they are.
Charlie Banana was started by Gaëlle Wizenberg, president of Winc Design Limited. When you look at the history of Winc Design and how they truly tie together so many cultures it is no wonder that their effortless attempts to help many organizations and families is a top priority.

Currently, Charlie Banana supports four groups within their website;

  • Operation Smile which is an international medical charity providing surgeries to children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and various other deformities. “One surgery costs as little as $240.00 USD. By purchasing Charlie Banana® products, you can help change a child’s life.” With each product purchased, a donation is made to this wonderful campaign. To make an additional donation, simply go to Operation Smile.
    Operation Smile
  • Healthy Child Healthy World Empowers parents to take action and protect children from harmful chemicals. Charlie Banana is a proud shop healthy partner and takes every step necessary to ensure a greener option for parents in not only the diaper community but through other products as well. To make an additional donation, simply go to Healthy Child World
  •  Project Child Save, with a motto of “Never leave a child behind.” and a pledge “If necessary I will give all my tomorrows for one child’s today.” it is no wonder Charlie Banana jumped in with products and helped. Project Child Save is a non-profit organization helping against child abductions and kidnapping. When purchasing any Charlie Banana product, a portion of proceeds goes to Project Child Save. You can make an additional donation here.
  • Climate Action. Takes many precautions to eliminate our carbon footprint and Charlie Banana jumped right in to regress the carbon footprint to the best of their knowledge within each product they manufacture. How they help? When purchasing any Charlie Banana product you are buying a carbon friendly product. How can you help? By purchasing a carbon credit, it will go toward one of six projects that work toward a better environment for clean water, air and sustainable energy. Visit Charlie Banana for more info and look for their Climate Action Hero Seal on new packaging!

We decided to do a Gummi Loves on Charlie Banana not only because we are a fan of their products but because of their multitude of ways for giving back. When you receive success it is important to pass that on. We believe Charlie Banana embodies what it truly means to care for others and their environment.

With over 20 awards under their belt and one of them being Earth Champion, there is no question that this is a Little Gummi favorite.

Thank you Charlie Banana for being an admirable brand for parents and others alike and truly setting the standard for giving back and supporting the community!